There are new tanks and planes in War Thunder and a significantly improved graphics thanks to Dragor Engine 5.0. Was Thunder Gaijin Entertainment has released the big update 1.77 for War Thunder called “Advancing Storm”. Thus, the Russian developer has implemented some new content, but also delivered great technical improvements. Because with the update, the dragor engine used was raised to version 5.0. And that means that the free action game looks noticeably better. Expect a fancier shadow display, better antialiasing, more detailed landscapes and even new weather effects: after it has rained, puddles remain on the streets. But not only visually, something has happened, but also acoustically. According to Gaijin Entertainment, the individual sounds in War Thunder now consist of several sound layers, which is why[…]

Farmerama, the free farm game, is expecting a new event quest on Bahamarama just in time for the weekend. Farmerama That may sound funny only once, but yes: In the new event quest in free building gameFarmerama it comes to feed statues, but not any. The task is more or less tied to the current “Hunt for the Red Diamond” event with Katzlvania Jones. The adventurous kitty is on the road in the temple on Bahamarama and comes across many locked doors. But there is an easy way to open them: just plant the fruit in the mouths of the statues of the voracious volcanic lizard. Any Farmerama player building a farm on Bahamarama and unlocking the corresponding chambers in the temple can play the new[…]

PLAY LEAGUE OF ANGELS 2 AND LET THE ANGELS FIGHT FOR YOU! Experience the second part of the League of Angels series! The successor of the successful anime browser game continues seamlessly on the first offshoot of the RPG brand and continues to tell the story of the sexy angels. Dive into a huge fantasy world in League of Angels 2 and experience many exciting and challenging adventures alongside the supernatural creatures! There are new quests waiting on every corner that you have to fulfill if you want to save the world from destruction. USE THE POWER OF THE ANGELS! But before you fully enter into the adventure of role-playing , the choice of a suitable character, ie a hero, is on the agenda. The number of angels you can[…]

THE BASICS OF THE FIGHT In Elvenar, you will not get around fighting from time to time. Who wants to be victorious, has a lot to consider. Elvenar Essentially, the free strategy game Elvenar consists of two aspects: building the city and turn-based combat. In this article, let’s focus on the latter and explain how the battles work and what you need to consider in the run-up to a fight so as not to send all your troops to their deaths. Your first fight will be in Elvenar as you explore the provinces around your city and seek to capture relics. Although you will continue to trade here too, if you do not have the goods and supplies you need, it’s just the violent way. This,[…]

There are many pets in Farm Days. A dog proves to be particularly useful. Why? That’s what you learn here. Farm Days In the free building game Farm Days, there are several species that can keep you on your virtual farm. In addition to pigs, chickens and cows, so the classic residents of a farm, you can also have a dog as a pet. The little rascal is more than just a nice companion, but also plays a role in the gameplay of Farm Days. So that such a four-legged pull on your farm, you must of course put him a species-appropriate accommodation. Meant is the kennel. It costs 2000 coins and will be unlocked in the In-Game Shop by Farm Days if you are in the online gameLevel 20[…]

With the new update for Path of Exile you get the opportunity to hunt monsters and sacrifice for items. Path of Exile Update from 5.3.2018: Grinding Gear Games has released the announced Bestiary update for Path of Exile. PC players can now prove themselves as monster hunters. You kill nearly 300 beasts and sacrifice your loot to make particularly powerful items. For the Xbox One version of Path of Exile, the update will appear this week. Original message from 16.2.2018: The Hack and Slay Path of Exile is and remains an absolute positive example for the free-to-play market. While the New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games only demands money for cosmetic items and pets as well as other loot chests, he releases big updates with free content[…]

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands-on: This camera could be a big deal Samsung had the best phone of 2017 with the Galaxy S8, but will the Galaxy S9 follow in its footsteps and recreate that magic again? Samsung Galaxy S9 release date and price Pre-orders for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are now open. Those who pre-order before March 7 will receive their shiny new Galaxy phone ahead of schedule on March 9. Otherwise, the Galaxy S9 will begin to hit shelves on March 16. Read more at Pricing starts as follows. Galaxy S9 – £739/$719 Galaxy S9+ – £869/ $839 image:×683.jpg Galaxy S9 The Galaxy S9 that’s just been announced at MWC 2018 is a tweaked and tuned S8, with[…]

Key Features Review Price: £42.00 Available on Xbox One (tested), PS4 and PC It’s fair to say that Rainbow Six Siege had an inauspicious launch back in December 2015, with mixed reviews and lacklustre sales. Common complaints were its lack of content and a host of technical issues which plagued its early days, while the poor sales can largely be attributed to its December launch date – released not long after Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront. Buy Rainbow Six Siege from Amazon UK | Two years on, Rainbow Six Siege’s player base dwarfs both of those titles combined. Instead of giving up, Ubisoft redoubled its efforts and stayed committed to the idea of Siege, transforming it into one of the most popular shooters on[…]

Castle Clash is a free-to-play mobile iOS and Android in which live an exciting adventure in a colorful fantasy world. As in all good strategy game, a small area of the map you receive at the beginning of this, what will be your home and that you must protect at all costs. Because of this, why our new website starts today same with the launch of this new Castle Clash Hack tool which will make it easier to have all the resources you need for this mobile game. Our team of programmers has focused on providing options needed so you keep not giving advantages in this game and be the best among your friends or against your opponents, so if you continue to[…]

                    Getting tasked with leading the line of an English Premier League title contender is no easy feat, and even if his season has had its ups and downs, Aguero was absolutely sensational in January as he helped his club widen the gap at the top of the table. Not only did City have a great run of form in the league during January, Aguero scored five goals along the way. The Argentine is near the top of the league scoring charts, with a real shot at nabbing the Golden Boot if his brilliant form continues. FIFA 18 is Available Now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Conditions and restrictions apply.  See for[…]